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Friday, November 24, 2006



Sun's terms ( for architectural vectors ) :

-manageability -extensibility

They seem to define scalability in terms of "transaction headroom".

The other vectors you mentioned seem to me to fit better under the other headings:

-time to market ( extensibility ),
-operation scalability ( manageability ), -productivity (maintainability ).

However, whatever terms you use, you're basic point that they interact is well made.

Dan Pritchett

The biggest challenge I have with Sun's terms is establishing metrics to evaluate your success. We used these when we initially began the architecture but how do you measure your progress on stability? What about security?

These are excellent systemic qualities to consider but ultimately you want to measure the success of your architecture and several of these are hard to measure. So you have to adjust them to something that can be directly measured.


Dan, I attened the talk at SDForum, it was fascinating! Thank you to you & Randy and eBay for allowing you to make those slides public. Does Randy have a blog or is there any way to get into contact with him?

Dan Pritchett

Peter, send me email and I'll connect you with Randy.


Unreadable font on the graphic :(


"Unreadable font on the graphic :("

It didn't scale very well, did it? :)

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