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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Jason Yip

Air Crash Investigations though apparently it goes by many names depending on where you're seeing it.

What's interesting is that the investigation process isn't really that different than what would be done with any non-disaster related problem solving.


Deadliest Catch

1. One hand for the crab pot, one hand to hold on to the boat

2. Work like h*ll

3. Deliver no matter the conditions


Disc is monumentally boring imo.
only reason to watch is kari byron..

best TV for programmers is Sons of Anarchy

btw the old show Beyond 2000 which was like the only good show on Disc in the 80s/90s still exists, its on Science chan now. whih i guess is proably owned by Disc anwyays..

J. McConnell

I almost died when my favorite two detectives were the first shows you mentioned.

+10 for Columbo and Monk
+1 for everything else ... great shows.


"INVITING DISASTER: Lessons from the Edge of Technology" is a great book that looks deeply into technical problems and covers famous airplane crashes, Chernobyl nuclear facility disaster and even 9/11:


Research by the author of the book confirms that most technical disasters indeed is a result of combination of at least two very unlikely failures.


Psych, one of my favorites, is in the same vein as Monk with a simple lesson - there's no such thing as 'magic'. Just pay attention to all the little details that everyone else misses and be willing to take chances, even absurd and silly ones, based on these observations.

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