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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Account Deleted

Very interesting point of view, I think. I don't like term architect anyway for some reason (may be it's odd I don't know), but definitely there is architecture and people who shape it. I agree with you that knowledge seeking is permanent activity for people involved with architecture. But I have a question. Does architect should write code at all? And what that code is all about? Does it some platform stuff or whatever?

And one more thing. I think there is more stuff out there, not only implementation and technology choose problems. There are problems of application deploy cycle, testing methodologies, people communication problems and so on. Does architect should address them? I think he should, because it's very critical to have productive environment in development as well as operation team. It's interesting to know your opinion.

Dan Pritchett

I believe architects need to contribute some code but it will vary to the amount. It helps to keep them informed about the challenges of crafting the system.

Deployment is clearly part of the architecture but I don't separate it from the code. Deployability and manageability are part of delivering a complete solution.


Great article, do you have an examples you could share? It might make an interesting post to see how you were able to stage a major directional shift over several iterations - to show how you picked where to 'lay your fences'.

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