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Saturday, December 03, 2011



Lovely thought. One thing I'd like to add: the progression is the standard four-tier model of learning: unconscious incompetence (don't know what I don't know), conscious incompetence (I know I don't know), conscious competence (I know what I know), and unconscious competence (I don't know what I know). These can be mapped to Shu-Ha-Ri (novice, apprentice, master). The highest level is the one in which you do things without having to think about them.

Peter Minearo

Another way to look at Stage 1 and 2:

Stage 1 is 'naïveté"
Stage 2 is 'fear'

How many times have we as developers know we need to refactor some code, but don't know what it will do? We often times don't change the code and let it fester until it must be severed, much like leaving a infected wound proliferate until you have to cut the leg off.

This is Stage 2 and causes a lot of problems, not only in software but within our lives in general. This is the fear stage we all live in. And it is up to us to overcome those fears and move onto Stage 3 and 4.

There is a good book called Quantum Leap Thinking that talks about this.


I think there is a small typo in the last paragraph:

"It's unfortunate because it blocks that person from ever reaching stage 1."

It seems that you wanted to say:

"... reaching stage 4."

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